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Auto Tech Training Can Give You An Edge

Posted by Chief Technology on May 12, 2015 2:30:00 PM

If you’re a repair shop owner, you know the biggest factor in a shop’s success is its employees. Step one in establishing and maintaining a thriving business is to hire hard-working, trustworthy technicians. But what’s beyond that? Auto tech training helps you set your techs – and your shop – up for success and can improve your bottom line.

Up Efficiency with Ongoing Training

Cycle times, cycle times. They’re always on our minds. Customers expect fast service so they can get their vehicles out of the shop and back on the road. And as the shop owner, you want your team to work efficiently so you can get more jobs in and out in a day. Well-trained techs are key here.

Experience helps with efficiency of course, but so does ongoing education. When they know the best and latest techniques, they can use them to process repairs more quickly. And if they’re trained well on those techniques, they’ll be able to add value in another way:

Better Training Means Fewer Mistakes

Techs who know their stuff inside and out will make fewer mistakes. That means they’ll spend less time reworking and fixing problems, which is good news for your business. It comes back to faster cycle times, of course, but it also means happier customers.

When customers get quality repairs quickly, they remember it. That leads to repeat customers and a good reputation in the community, which can only be good for the future of your company.

The Training Regimen

A training program, like Chief University, can help your techs gain the skills and know-how they need to put your shop on the right track. Chief University offers a variety of classes for different skill levels, so all your techs can benefit. They’ll be able to learn about:

  • Industry advances. In classes that cover things like aluminum repairs, techs can keep up with trends in the field and learn techniques that will help them handle any job that comes their way.
  • Complex technology. Some tasks involved in collision repair can’t be self-taught. Things like computerized measuring require hands-on training from someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Advanced skills. Even your most seasoned techs can delve deeper with advanced classes on things like steering suspension analysis.

Take stock of your team’s skillsets and abilities and then opt for courses that fill gaps or advance well-established abilities even further. The latter will give you an edge in the market and help you stand out.

Whether it’s brushing up on the basics, adding a completely new skill or becoming an expert in a certain area, your techs, your customers and your business will benefit from auto tech training.

Get the Chief University Checklist and start planning your path to an even better team today.

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