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Free Ebook: Multi-Shop Operators & Efficiency

Posted by Chief Technology on Aug 2, 2016 9:30:00 AM

COL_0317_LP_Chief_MSO_Efficiency.jpgIf you haven’t done it recently, it might be time to examine the profitability of your various shops. And if you find there’s room for improvement, it’s time to start making some changes to increase efficiency.

That might sound like a great plan, but for MSOs running several auto collision repair facilities, implementing those changes brings unique challenges. But when it’s something as important as increasing efficiency, it pays to put forth the effort and overcome those difficulties. Our newest ebook can help you do it. We’ll cover:

  • Getting your various shops headed in the same direction. Sharing your goal with all the teams is a great place to start. Then be sure to take any input they offer into consideration and incorporate it when you can.
  • How to evaluate and change your shops’ layouts. The routes your techs take, the stops, the starts. It all adds up throughout the day. There’s likely a better way. You just have to dig in and find out what’s going on, then makes changes to fix any issues.
  • Blueprinting. Even if your shops are very different, implementing a blueprinting process can make a big difference in productivity. A roadmap is always a good idea. From accurately evaluating the damage to the vehicle to writing an effective repair plan, perfecting your blueprinting process is essential.

Ready to dive in and learn more? Download our free ebook to get started.

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