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Free Ebook: How to Add Luxury Repairs to Your Services

Posted by Chief Technology on Mar 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

high-end-ebook.pngSometimes growing your business means making big changes. Like expanding your service offerings to include a whole new kind of vehicle, for example. Adding luxury collision repair capabilities to your shop can open your doors to an entirely new section of the market, but it’s not a simple switch. Our free ebook can help you explore luxury repairs and plan wisely. Download the ebook today to explore: 

Researching market demand. Smart business decisions are anything but impulsive. Take a close look at the need for high-end collision repair services in your area before investing capital. We’ll show you where to start. 

Certifications. Getting formal manufacturer approval to repair certain cars and trucks is an important step. We’ll cover the benefits of certifications, how to start the process, what to expect and why you may want to look into getting multiple certifications. 

Equipment requirements. Repairing luxury vehicles takes some specialized equipment and tools. From welders to benches, make sure you understand the full scope of what you’ll need.

Training. Ensuring your technicians understand how to make repairs to high-end vehicles properly is vital. Learn how to make a training game plan that will work for your shop.

When you have the right information, you can make better business decisions for your shop. Download “The High-End Collision Repair Guidebook” today to get started.

high end collision repair guidebook

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