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Keep up with Automotive Designs [Resource Roundup]

Posted by Chief Technology on Nov 10, 2015 3:33:39 PM

see-through-frameIn order to provide the very best collision repairs, it’s important to know the vehicles you’re working on inside and out: what materials they’re made of, how they react in a crash and how to get those materials back in shape. The key is to keep up with the what’s going on in vehicle design.

Use the resources below to help stay on top of your game.

DesignNews: Targeted at design engineers, this website has plenty of articles dedicated to automotive innovation. From autonomous cars to the latest substances being used in today’s vehicles and new alloys, they cover the cutting edge of auto design. It’s a great way to go above and beyond understanding what’s out there today and look ahead to what’s coming tomorrow.

Automotive News: This publication offers up-to-date news about the auto industry as a whole, and it even has a section dedicated specifically to design. You’ll find plenty of info about upcoming models, plus larger trends. They also offer webinars periodically on topics like social media and car sales.

SAE International: This organization is dedicated to developing standards and providing lifelong learning to experts in several industries, including the auto industry. The automotive arm of their website has sections dedicated to bodies and structures, materials and design engineering, and they’re all packed with information. They also have a collection of interesting and easy-to-digest videos, like this one on aluminum die-casting or this one that takes a look at the new Porsche with a magnesium roof.FrameCutout

Chief University: At Chief University, it’s the instructors’ job to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle design. Let them do the research and pass the info on to you. In-person classes can help you dig deeper into the latest design changes and really learn how they’ll affect collision repairs. Hands-on education will teach you how to put the techniques you’ve read and heard about into practice.   

Other resources: If you’re looking for other auto tech training options, think about exploring the classes offered by your local college. You can even turn to more experienced techs to learn techniques for the newest cars and trucks. Looking for aluminum-specific resources? We have a blog for that, too. And if you’re on Twitter, be sure to check out our list of Collision Repair Twitter Accounts to follow.

There’s lots of info out there! Make a commitment to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest and your customers – and your career – will thank you. 

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