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Product Spotlight: Fume Extractor

Posted by Chief Technology on Sep 25, 2015 12:00:12 PM

COL_0202_FumeExtractor_share_1200x1200Protecting your workers from occupational hazards is more than just good business practice or housekeeping. Welders, for example, who are in daily contact with workplace operational hazards, must be protected from exposure to contaminants, such as weld-fume particulate, that can lead to serious health concerns and illnesses. Some facilities utilize overhead vacuum systems to clean the air, but the new Chief fume extractor offers superior protection by capturing weld fumes before they reach the technician's breathing zone. Through efficient removal of weld fume particulate, you can protect your worker’s health, improve productivity and reduce lost time due to illness. The most effective method of capturing weld fume particulate from a welder’s breathing zone is to collect it directly at the source.

The Chief fume extractor uses an electric motor to draw weld fumes through a cylindrical arm that leads to a large ProTura®Nanofiber cartridge. The filter offers a MERV 15 efficiency rating. MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings vary from 1 to 16, with higher ratings indicating greater efficiency in trapping airborne particles. The filters in the Chief fume extractor provide the ultimate combination of high efficiency, low operating costs and longer filter life. A built-in pressure gauge on the fume extractor shows when the filter should be replaced, and the machine's "Quick Seal" door release provides extremely fast filter removal and maintenance with no tools required.Learm more about the Chief Fume Extractor

While traditional fume extractor arms are made of plastic tubing, the Chief fume extractor's arm is manufactured of powder-coated aluminum with cast aluminum joints. This heavy-duty construction helps prevent wear and breakage in even the most demanding shop settings. The seven-foot arm holds a bell-shaped extraction hood with an integrated 360-degree handle for easy maneuvering, and an ember catcher prevents hot particles from reaching the filter.

The Chief fume extractor was designed and built specifically to meet the needs of the autobody repair industry. It features a compact design, long vertical reach and is very easy to use. The technician simply rolls the fume extractor to the work area, positions the extraction hood near the metal being welded, and turns the motor on.