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Product Spotlight: Globaljig Motojig

Posted by Chief Technology on Jun 27, 2017 4:50:00 PM

Moto-main.jpgIf you ride a motorcycle or better yet race one, then what besides tires is the most important thing to good handling? That’s easy and the same goes for most all vehicles, wheel alignment. But what controls alignment on a motorcycle? Again, it’s the same on most vehicles, the structure and suspension parts. Changing bolt on suspension parts such as fork tubes and swing arms is pretty standard, but how can you check and make adjustments to the “structure” of a motorcycle? Another easy question, and the answer is the Globaljig Motojig Universal Repair System.

A motorcycle frame with a physically bent tube is junk and requires replacement. However, a motorcycle that has been “laid down”, had an impact on the front tire or has a bent fork tube can still be salvaged. If the steering head or the frame that the front forks and front suspension attach to is tweaked, that can cause serious handling problems. If not put back correctly the driver can have major issues. That's where the Motojig comes into play.

Moto-03.jpgMotojig has the ability to check the angle of the steering head on the frame in relation to the swing arm mounts or rear wheel mounting areas. Then if a problem is found it can be quickly and easily corrected. The Motojig Universal Repair System uses the same columns and universal brackets of other Globaljig repair benches to firmly anchor the frame in multiple locations, while a unique straightening cage with hydraulic rams, allow you to precisely adjust the angle of the steering head to tolerances down to the one, one hundredth of a degree range. Because Motojig is engineered and designed specifically for the task of checking and adjusting the structural points of a motorcycle or scooter frame, repairs can not only be done quickly and easily, but it can be done correctly and to exacting standards.

The Globaljig Motojig Universal Repair System can add another dimension, and revenue stream, to your shop. With it’s very compact footprint, it will not take up a great deal of valuable space, making it a great option for most any scenario. Contact your local Chief Distributor and find out more about what a Globaljig Motojig Universal Repair System can do for your shop.

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