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Product Spotlight:  Globaljig Quick Pull

Posted by Chief Technology on Sep 28, 2017 3:00:00 PM


What does ever collision repair technician want to have in their work space?  That’s simple, an in-bay lift so that they can get vehicles off the floor and up to a comfortable working height for tear downs, reassembly, and metal working operations. If we could add the capability of quickly and efficiently making light duty pulls to rear body panels, radiator supports, and other parts of the vehicle structure to that lift they would be in “technician nirvana”

We just described the Globaljig “Quick Pull” in-stall mini bench. Quick Pull is the perfect in-bay lift. When lowered completely to the ground its deck is only 4” off the floor so it does not need access ramps or side runners to drive a vehicle over it. Quick Pulls swing out lift arms means its deck is small enough (8”6” long by 38” wide) to be completely under the vehicle and out of the way if it is not being used. Combine this with Quick Pulls adjustable working height of 0 to 4 feet 5 inches, and lifting capacity of 5,500 lbs and it’s easy to see that Quick Pull is perfect for any job and any vehicle.

If a job requires a light duty pull for any reason Quick Pull has a removable 5 ton pulling tower that is perfect for the task. Quick Pulls unique sill clamp system means there is no need to lower the vehicle into wheel stands and swap out lift pads for sill clamps to anchor the vehicle. Simply leave it up in the air on the lift pads, install the sill clamp base brackets and clamps on the machine, and run the clamps up to the sills with the “acme” threaded screw jacks in the base brackets. Tighten the clamps to the vehicle and you are ready to pull.

Quick Pull is the perfect tool to increase cycle time and productivity in your shop. It does this in two ways, one is keeping the majority of jobs in the technician's bay by eliminating the need to move a vehicle to the frame rack for a light duty pull. The other is the increased ergonomics of getting the vehicle at the perfect working height to efficiently do the task at hand.

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