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Product Spotlight: Mobile System

Posted by Chief Technology on Apr 28, 2017 5:01:36 PM

mobile system.jpgThe System Bench by Globaljig, is the industry's most advanced and easy to use mobile structural repair bench available today. System is a true mobile fixture bench with approvals from OEM’s like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Tesla, among others. What sets the System Bench apart from other mobile fixture benches is the attention to ergonomics and user-friendliness that have been put into its design. Add to this the fact that it uses the Globaljig Universal Fixture System, eliminating the need to rent or purchase a different jig set for every vehicle you repair.

So, what makes the System Bench easier to use then other benches?  That’s simple, it is the ability to load a vehicle onto the fixtures as it is being lowered onto the bench. No need to maneuver either the bench or vehicle to get the vehicle loaded onto the fixtures at their final bench location. Both width and length are established after the vehicle is loaded onto the four primary fixtures. This is done with easy to use tools and can be accomplished by a single technician.

When it comes to anchoring and pulling, Globaljib’s System is unmatched by any other. The Globaljig Universal Fixtures use the strongest support column available. There are no hollow columns or bolted on cast parts. Each support column is machined from a single piece of steel, and has the 5-sided mono cube with patented crosshead locking and single bolt pinning for the high strength microfusion steel fixture brackets. This not only gives the Globaljig Universal Fixtures unsurpassed strength but makes them efficient to set up. System’s removable pulling tower has 10 tons of hydraulic power and can be positioned front, back and on either side of the bench, making any repair possible without re-positioning the vehicle.

The System bench has 12 point “true” fixturing capabilities, with fixtures taking on all three tasks of vehicle anchoring, structure measuring, and parts holding. All with the capability of taking the job to any work space in the shop due to System Benches full mobile capability. Simply roll System bench and the vehicle to the technician’s work space to complete the job once the vehicle is loaded using a two-post lift.

Ask your local Chief Distributor to show you how System Bench can improve throughput and structural repair quality in your shop.

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