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Product Spotlight: Chief Rivet Guns

Posted by Chief Technology on Jun 28, 2016 5:30:00 PM

rivet_guns.jpgWhether you choose to weld, use adhesive or rivet, there are numerous ways to join metal. Chief offers a full line of tools to help any shop with materials you would encounter in the auto body repair industry. One of the most common practices in shops today is using rivets to join sheet metal when repairing damage to various non frame parts of a vehicle. Though the practice of using rivet guns may be simple, the guns themselves are anything but. Chief’s full line of rivet guns are some of the most advanced on the market, yet still user friendly.

PNP90 Rivet Gun- The PNP90 is the workhorse of your shop. Specifically developed for riveting sheet metal, the rivet gun is a pneumatic-hydraulic system for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets. The equipment's universal technology enables adaption of various attachments for different applications. Easy to use, lightweight and highly efficient - this riveting tool allows your technicians to complete repairs in record time.

HD Rivet Gun- The Chief HD rivet gun has all the features of the PNP90 in a bigger, more powerful package. It is specifically designed for heavy duty truck and transit vehicle applications. The HD rivet gun is the strongest mobile hydraulic tool for bodywork repair, with 10 tons of compressive force and 8 tons of tension force.

Both the PNP90 and the HD rivet gun have a bevy of attachments for various applications including: riveting, punching, pressing out and calibrating. All Chief rivet guns are equipped with a hydraulic pump that is pneumatically driven. To avoid over penetration pressure sensors will stop the pump once the preset final pressure is reached.

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