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Product Spotlight: Vulcan ADU

Posted by Chief Technology on Jul 14, 2016 4:00:00 PM

vulcanIt’s no secret that today’s vehicles are built differently than those of years past. Your techs are likely seeing more and more aluminum, high-strength steel and “exotic” metals come through the doors, and that means the tools they used yesterday may not cut it anymore. That’s why we’ve developed the Vulcan ADU (Adhesive Debonding Unit). The first of its kind, it’s designed for use with the latest aluminum vehicles, and it also works on steel parts. Let’s take a closer look at how this new body shop tool works. 

A fresh way to separate aluminum pieces

Manufacturers aren’t just changing what they build cars with. They’re changing how they build them, too. Aluminum, carbon fiber and steel parts are commonly joined with special adhesives, and that creates a challenge. Techs could chisel or grind them apart, but that’s not ideal because it could result in even more damage, plus it’s time consuming, labor intensive and noisy. The Vulcan ADU offers a faster, easier, simpler way:

  • Infrared radiation heats the surface quickly and releases the bond
  • The adhesive separates cleanly, and the epoxy remains hard (no sticky mess)
  • The tech has a clean, undamaged surface to work on

The Key? Infrared Radiation

Your techs might already be using heat guns to loosen glue, but this body shop tool works a little differently. A standard heat gun doesn’t have the power to heat aluminum quickly enough to be effective, but this 4.8Kw tool is designed to quickly penetrate the aluminum panel to break the surface bond. The short waves heat the area in no time, and the output temperature from the unit can be monitored and tightly controlled to a set temp. Plus, an included cooling unit chills the lamp with air and water, extending its life cycle.

Your techs are working on a different breed of cars, and working with aluminum is a whole new ballgame. Help them provide the best repairs possible by making sure they have the next-generation tools they need.

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