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The Chief University Difference

Posted by Chief Technology on Feb 28, 2017 4:30:00 PM

chief_university.jpgChief is dedicated to making our vehicles and our roads safer for everyone. We make every effort to ensure that collision repair technicians and all those involved in the repair of collision damaged vehicles are educated with the most up-to-date information available. Understanding the complex structure of today’s vehicles is the key to the future of the collision repair industry.

At Chief University our moto is “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.” We are committed to high quality standards, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement in all training activities. We actively involve our employees, industry experts, and customer partners in planning, implementing, and maintaining the best possible training processes.

Why It's Important

  • Understanding the direction impact forces travel is a necessity for thorough and proper estimation, analysis, and damage repair.
  • An understanding of how the vehicle will react is vital in the realignment of the structure.
  • Understanding impact absorption, how the vehicle structure should react, and where to look for structural misalignment are all essential elements to achieving professional results in the collision repair business.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the diverse metals, fibers and plastics used, and the methods of reforming and joining these more advanced materials is essential to the ability of the collision repair technician to return a damaged vehicle to its original design specifications.
  • The assurance of correct height, length, width, and structural integrity is essential and critical to a quality repair.

This year Chief has added 4 new classes to its already stellar lineup of training courses:

Heavy Duty Truck Collision Repair

Welding Technologies for the Technician

Welding Technologies for the Appraiser

Chief Joining Technologies Course

How We Are Different

We offer:

  • Most accurate computerized measuring in the industry
  • Comprehensive vehicle specifications
  • Fast and easy anchoring
  • World-class training/collision theory
  • Nationwide service support network
  • The know-how to give it all to you

An investment in training is an investment in your shop’s future. The best trained techs provide the best repairs. And when you work in an industry that goes through frequent transitions and adjustments, that training needs to be ongoing. Chief University is dedicated to providing up-to-date technician training, on the latest industry advancements, with a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. If you are interested in attending any class offered by Chief University, follow the link and get signed up!

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