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The Next Generation of Live Mapping Is Here

Posted by Chief Technology on Mar 1, 2018 10:23:41 AM

Growing up, you probably watched a lot of science fiction. You liked the spaceships, the other worlds and the strange creatures. But there was probably one thing that sparked your imagination more than anything else: lasers.

Admit it, the only thing you really wanted for your birthday as a kid was the most powerful laser possible. Well, you’re not a kid anymore. And we’re not offering laser guns or laser swords. But consider it your birthday—because the most high-powered laser you can get your hands on is now available.

The Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System with the Galileo™ scanner.


And while the Meridian and Galileo system uses high-powered laser technology that increases measurement length up to five extra meters, the laser is just the beginning.

The Meridian is all about speed—faster measurements, faster estimates and faster, more precise repairs. Speaking of precision, Meridian measures in real time with software that will tell you when you need to adjust your setup before you make an incorrect, imprecise pull—which obviously increases the speed of your repairs. And because its specification repair data is the best in its class, Meridian ensures you’re using the latest vehicle data for every pull.

But let’s get back to talking lasers.

The Galileo scanner locks into as many as 45 pre-defined, high-tech targets for the most precise measurements possible—and its dual processors read that data and make measurements faster than any other scanner on the market.

The Galileo’s built-in calibration check allows for easier tech verification. Its high-tech optical components produce accurate readings in any lighting. And it uses Gorilla Glass® for maximum scratch protection.

meridian+galileo.pngTogether, the Meridian and Galileo system can measure more reference points and make more calculations faster than any other system. And its out-of-level measuring technology lets you move the system from a 2-post lift to a frame rack without needing to go through complicated recalibration and setup.

The system is more accurate, more robust and easier to use than anything else you’ll find on the market. And it will make sure your shop as productive as possible. From blueprinting to estimating to making actual pulls, you’ll make individual repairs faster than you can imagine—and that means you can make more repairs than ever before.

The new Meridian Live Mapping System with the Galileo Scanner. Accuracy and affordability have never been this precise. Productivity and efficiency have never increased so much. And you finally get the laser of your childhood dreams.

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