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The Technician Drought and How to Avoid it

Posted by Chief Technology on Jul 26, 2016 5:00:00 PM

Chief-Tech.jpgOne of the biggest issues facing the auto body industry is the lack of experienced technicians. Many shop owners cite the reason they cannot expand their business, is not because of lack of new clients, but due to the shortage of techs that possess a high end skill set. Smaller independent shops feel the sting more as they cannot offer skilled technicians the wages that larger shops or MSOs are able to pay.

The answer to this problem may be closer than you think. Look to your existing shop floor, do you have a highly motivated but less skilled tech already on your team? Perhaps you have a stack of resumes featuring candidates with great drive but lack the experience to be considered. Instead of looking for that employee that has it all, including a high price tag, think about developing your existing employees or hiring newer techs with a little less experience. This can instill a sense of loyalty, as well as increase your shops efficiency and the overall quality of work.

A training program, like Chief University, can help your techs gain the skills and know-how they need to put your shop on the right track. Chief University offers a variety of classes for different skill levels, so all your techs can benefit. They’ll be able to learn about:chief_university.jpg

  • Industry advances. In classes that cover things like aluminum repairs, techs can keep up with trends in the field and learn techniques that will help them handle any job that comes their way.
  • Complex technology. Some tasks involved in collision repair can’t be self-taught. Things like computerized measuring require hands-on training from someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Advanced skills. Even your most seasoned techs can delve deeper with advanced classes on things like steering suspension analysis.

Take stock of your team’s skill sets and abilities and then opt for courses that fill gaps or advance well-established abilities even further. The latter will give you an edge in the market and help you stand out.

Whether it’s brushing up on the basics, adding a completely new skill or becoming an expert in a certain area, your techs, your customers and your business will benefit from auto tech training.

The industry is evolving, stay on top of the training needed to keep current with our Training Checklist.

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